Coach Iran Amir Ghalenoei Critique médias après la victoire en quarts de finale de la Coupe d’Asie



Iran’s Coach Ghalenoei Criticizes Media After Asian Cup Quarter-Final Victory

Amir Ghalenoei Fires Back at Media Criticism

Amir Ghalenoei, the coach of the Iranian national soccer team, has lashed out at the country’s media following his team’s stunning quarter-final victory over Japan in the AFC Asian Cup. Ghalenoei, who took over the team 11 months ago, expressed his frustration at the unwarranted criticism from the media, despite guiding the team to the semi-finals of the tournament.

Ghalenoei’s recent success marks a significant achievement for the team, as they secured a hard-earned 2-1 victory over Japan, the top-ranked team in Asia. The 60-year-old coach, who previously led Iran to the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup in 2007, has maintained an unbeaten record of 16 matches since taking charge of the national team. Despite this accomplishment, Ghalenoei has faced scrutiny, particularly during Iran’s participation in friendly competitions such as the Jordan International Tournament and the CAFA Nations Cup.

“Everybody should have belief in Iranian coaches. We have a lot of good Iranian coaches who couldn’t make it to Europe because of Iran’s political situation,” remarked Ghalenoei during a press conference, where he received a standing ovation. He continued to criticize the media’s pessimism, stating, “During the last 11 months, Iranian media criticized us when we participated in the Jordan International Tournament and the CAFA Nations Cup. But you can see from the eight teams in the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup, five teams were from that tournament. Three teams from those tournaments reached the semi-finals.”

Ghalenoei underscored the value of constructive criticism while condemning efforts to undermine the national team. He expressed his gratitude to those who supported the team during their journey and acknowledged the steadfastness of his family throughout the process.

Impressive Tournament Record

Iran’s noteworthy performance in recent tournaments further solidifies Ghalenoei’s tenure as the team’s coach. In June, his team emerged victorious in the inaugural seven-team tournament organized by the Central Asian Football Association (CAFA), triumphing over Uzbekistan in the final. Subsequently, Iran claimed the championship title at the four-team Jordan International Tournament in Amman in October, defeating Qatar in the final. Notably, this tournament also included teams from Jordan and Iraq.

Looking Ahead to the Semi-Finals

As Iran advances to the semi-finals of the Asian Cup, Ghalenoei remains focused on the team’s upcoming challenges. Reflecting on their potential opponents in the semi-final, he stated, “Between Qatar and Uzbekistan, there is no difference for us. We played both teams in these 11 months.”

Addressing the team’s approach to the tournament, Ghalenoei emphasized their fearlessness in facing formidable opponents, stating, “Before the knockout stage, many people suggested that we should change our path to the final (to avoid top teams in the Asian Cup), but we were brave enough to play with everybody. We beat every team until this stage.”


As Iran’s national soccer team achieves remarkable success in the AFC Asian Cup under the guidance of coach Amir Ghalenoei, the team’s resilience and determination are evident. Ghalenoei’s vocal stance against undue criticism from the media underscores the importance of unwavering support for national teams and coaches, especially in the midst of significant achievements on the international stage. As Iran prepares to take on either Qatar or Uzbekistan in the semi-finals, the team’s performance continues to captivate global attention.

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